Fulfillment Campaign

"Fulfillment Action" is the largest television support project in Lithuania, which will be filmed and broadcast live from Elektrėnai Ice Palace this year. Elektrėnai municipality administration is one of the sponsors of this event. In preparation for the project on November 29. 7 p.m. Elektrėnai Ice Palace will be illuminated. We invite you to admire!

The support project “Fulfillment Campaign” organized by TV3 Television and SEB Bank has been successfully operating since 2003. Over the years of the campaign, people of good will have donated more than 10 million. euros. With the donated funds, the children of the orphanage and other children who were disadvantaged received the necessary treatment and assistance. Children were given medicines, surgeries were performed, medical equipment was bought, life was improved and additional rehabilitation was provided.

The "Fulfillment Action" has turned into a phenomenon that has become known and loved by many Lithuanians - it has become all of us. Every year, the society is gathered for common goals and a common mission to help Lithuanian children.


• Financial support for Heroes of the Fulfillment Campaign 2021 stories who need special help to treat or care;
• Support for the purchase of medical equipment and facilities in medical and nursing institutions for which there are insufficient state funds;
• Physical and psychological health programs for seriously ill children and their families;
• Support for socialization and mentoring projects for children and youth.

I sincerely invite all residents and legal entities of Elektrėnai Municipality to contribute to the noble goals of the “Fulfillment Campaign 2021”.

Let's show the whole of Lithuania that sensitive and noble people live in Elektrėnai municipality, and business is developed by socially responsible entrepreneurs. Together we can do more and focus on good work, therefore I invite you to transfer the financial support to the support fund of the Elektrėnai Municipality Administration “Fulfillment Action” as LT76 7044 0600 0171 2817, AB SEB bankas, bank code 70440, indicating the purpose for the “Fulfillment Action”.

All the support received will be transferred to the account of the “Fulfillment Campaign” as one support of the residents and legal entities of Elektrėnai municipality, and the total amount of support will be made public.

Together we can do more! After all, good is good!

Thank you for your kindness!

Mayor of Elektrėnai Municipality Kęstutis Vaitukaitis


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